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The One Secret You Need to Measure Learning ROI

Let’s get straight to the point. To measure learning ROI, you must connect learning to the right metric. The secret is picking the right metric to measure and then showing how the learning contributed to that metric change. It seems so logical, but learning professionals miss this connection all the time. ROI Calculation Is Not

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QA Is A Basic Business Requirement…So Where’s The QA In L&D?

I often ask people if their learning and development (L&D) function uses a quality assurance (QA) program. They sometimes reply saying that their QA is making sure courses include all the required design components. That’s the wrong answer. Again, many L&D professionals confuse tasks with results. We discussed this before when we covered the difference

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Are You Efficient or Effective? In L&D, One Is Definitely Better Than the Other

Is your training efficient or effective? You might be thinking, “That’s an odd question. Don’t I want my training to be both?” That’s a good question. But here’s the answer: Not necessarily. Think about those two things. There can be a huge difference between being efficient and being effective. A manager or employee may be

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The Language of Business and Why You Need to Speak It Fluently

In the previous post, we described the difference between efficiency metrics and effectiveness metrics. Let’s talk more about that. Efficiency vs. Effectiveness Efficiency metrics only describe how many, how fast, and how much. You can list off the courses you delivered, the number of students that attended, and the cost of delivering the classes. None

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Training Measurement — Is It in Your Training Budget? (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this series, we talked about the mindsets that hinder training measurement and the false belief that measurement is not possible. In this part, we’ll make the case that training measurement must become a line item in your training budget. The Typical Training Budget Traditionally, training budgets center around content and the

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Training Measurement — Is It in Your Training Budget? (Part 1)

For many businesses, now is budget time. For learning professionals, the budget process reveals much. This process says a lot about the value your company places on the training role. It says even more about if your business sees the training function as a business partner or an overhead expense. At budget time, there are

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The Leadership Development Gap: Why Do Companies Fail at Training New Leaders?

Leadership and learning have dramatically increased in importance, but the capability gap is widening. As the economy recovers, companies see an accelerating demand for leadership at all levels, especially among Millennials….Only 6 percent of companies feel fully ready to address their leadership issues, only 10 percent feel comfortable with their succession program, and only 7

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