4 Areas of Organizational Process

With strategy and organizational training the main conduits for improvement, it is critical to look at critical areas that are supported by the training and subsequent measurement and results. Here are four areas of importance:

  • People: The number one priority will always continue to be people. Taking care of employees and clients in positive ways (Human Relations Theory) and allowing them to contribute to the bottom-line (Group Dynamics Theory) makes sense. If management and leadership succeed at these two proven theories they become truly focused on results. Because of their importance to the mindset of business and success, it is critical to know they give teams empirically proven strategies for growth and opportunity.
  • Principles: Mission and Guiding Values must be focused directly through people. Employees, suppliers, and clients are the only reasons companies exist. But principles cannot be just words handed out on orientation day in a 20 word mission statement or stuck on page two of the employee handbook. They must be backed with consistent ACTION and complete transparency across all teams and departments. With eParamus, innovation and results that are backed up by principles create a huge business impact. Organizational values are always tied to results and continuous evaluation.
  • Priorities must be a continuous blend of both people and principles. If not sure how to improve, ask the people in your business who want more success. If there is a positive organizational climate where risk and work are appreciated equally, the employees will not hesitate to help with ideas that path the business to increased opportunity.
  • Processes are always derived from priorities. If the priorities are clear, then the processes are definable, trend-able, measurable, attainable and trainable. They become team driven and more easily team implemented. With our Business Impact 2.0 tool, we can help align training goals and methods that focus solely on continuous improvement.

It is not ironic that many key ingredients within the organization start with the letter “P”. Problems and profits also come to mind. But putting people first will literally put all your P’s in order. Give employees the tools and the training they need. Treat them right and watch the profits grow. In this economy, it is the only way to accomplishing what needs to be done. Call us today!


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