4 Ways to Measure the Success of your Organizational Training

There is no more important aspect within an organization than the training it involves itself with through both learning and results. It is often assumed when leaders and their teams go through training that they learn from it.  But how does an organization truly measure the success of what was learned? In many companies, the value of training dissolves when it is not followed through and discussed as content in staff meetings.

Businesses are at a distinct advantage when organizational and individual advancement through training assessment is a clear foundation of the corporate culture. This leverage is endless; people get better, recruiting is improved, and employees tend to stay with the company longer.

But how do you measure the efficiency of what is being taught and shared? Since moving a company forward is a blend of efficiency and humanness, the consistency, competency, and communication must be assessed for validity and for trends. Training is always twofold in purpose: increased skill and improved performance.

Measuring the success of training means a return on investment in both money and time; its impact must be measured. The tools we use at eParamus help to identify both strengths and assets and support the following:

  • Measuring training means managing training.
  • Measuring impact makes a difference.
  • Measurement creates and maintains a performance-driven culture
  • Measurement aligns both strategy and process.

eParamus is the only business partner that can give your organization clear guidance in the design, delivery, measurement and evaluation of your training.  We can help you with the key metrics that support your customized learning goals. And we share your passion and commitment for increased knowledge, clear results, and hands-on experience.

We offer:

  • Strategic Development: We help develop array of strategy that moves the team forward.
  • Leadership Development: We position leadership to carry out vision.
  • Course Development: We customize programs from on-boarding to certification.
  • Training ROI and Analysis: we have created Business Impact 2.0 to help prove training value and effectiveness.

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