5 Business Training Challenges in 2013

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It is often very difficult to predict the future of an organization based on the challenges of the current economic environment. Even with the knowledge of the past few years, it seems more and more certain that we must look at present situations within the company to predict the future.

We are speeding to 2013 here in the Triangle NC, and the New Year is coming quickly with its own new set of opportunities and challenges. Each corporate culture is relying on critical current information to gauge how it will react in the first quarter and beyond.

The following five variables must be assessed by businesses on a daily basis and they can only be understood through the quality of both consistent training and measurement:

  • Business growth: Implementing training with the focus on increased opportunity is essential and more critical today than ever.
  • The costs of health care: At this stage, the Affordable Care Act has not been played out in reference to the collective carrying of health insurance or the paying of a penalty. There is just not enough information available about the essential details for organizations to understand the true impact. But it is a variable to consider in the next year. Everyone must be made aware.
  • Mobile technology: The more savvy employees are with smartphones, tablets, and related mobile devices, the better the understanding will be involving processes, products and services and how this technology affects the consumer.   
  • Loyalty and turnover: Like a coin, success is two-sided. The more loyal the workforce, the less the turnover. Training brings involvement and team play into cultures that want and need continuous improvement.
  • Leadership: Leaders must continue to look at both the global marketplace and the local region and blend the collective opportunity to benefit the organization. This is not the easiest task. Yet this is the new view of corporate intelligence.

The need to constantly build value as organizations head into January has never been clearer. The ideas and strategies of consistent training make for increased success through process improvement and individual success.  Each employee has a unique array of human capital. Better known as talent, the use of knowledge, creativity, and influence in measureable and documentable ways create organizational value and increased assets.

The collective progress in each organization indeed means a better and more productive 2013. It is up to eParamus to help support the process.

May your Holiday Season be filled with prosperity!


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