5 Strategies for Leadership Assessment

Leadership is a broad and exciting field within organizations. Leaders today work in a variety of business settings and situations. Because both leadership and management are behavior-driven, the continued success of both must involve some aspect of measurement and testing. Characteristics can then be assessed and improved upon for the benefit of everyone in the organization.

eParamus has a history of training and development that comes from these types of assessment. The use of measurement in organizations is not a new endeavor, but learning and growing from the information and its translation into increased success is ever changing.

There are a variety of ways to quantify leadership training success and we do this in support of a number of organizations. We realize that your leadership team is a great investment for both the business and its people. We can help grow your company by making the leadership more productive and their training menu effective and efficient with the following five strategies:

  • Evaluation: What do the leaders in the organization need to grow their success?
  • Design: What type of training has to be designed to support that success?
  • Measurement: Afterward, did the leadership meet or exceed the training objectives?
  • Metrics: Is the knowledge retained and improved upon?
  • Return on Investment (ROI): Did the training impact the company’s bottom line is a positive way?  

Most training that involves standard Learning Management Systems (LMS) will only tell the organization the time and place of the training. The typical LMS cannot show what was learned or how the training touched the mission and core values.

Strategic Training can give your organization what few other training providers can within the Triangle and across North Carolina: ways to measure the new knowledge the training gained for the leadership and management. The delivery of this information and its assessment can truly create positive growth and opportunity.

Our consultants specialize in development, design, and facilitation and we have supported organizations in the fields of Telecommunication, Education, and Consumer Products among others. We can help your company too.


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