6 Key Findings About Organizational Training

In organizations today, there is still a solid number that believes training is an addendum to core business. Many consider training to be a cost and an expense with little or no direct measurement on process improvement. It is our belief at eParamus that learning has a direct reflection on both business and personal success.

It is our mission and focus to support training in strategic directions. We help companies develop training that addresses organizational needs and wants. It is through these strategies that core values and guiding principles blend together for results and process improvement.

It is interesting to note that many organizations do not clearly understand the value of training. The understanding and evaluation of methodology is essential for growth. Training indeed aids in improving corporate goals. But many organizations do not understand how impacting it is for both management and teams.

By working closely with our clients, eParamus has developed processes that empirically show how training contributes. From a success perspective, we realize the need to help training professionals understand how to develop training that is positive and essential. Today, we develop an array of training for our clients that “train the trainer” in the areas of presentation, value and impact. Here are some key results derived from our work:

  • A large percentage of people in training roles do not have any formal instruction on how to develop effective training.
  • A large percentage of management is often unclear about which competencies are most valuable in a training professional’s role.
  • There sometimes are misconceptions on what training can do in an organization, which can often lead to dissatisfaction with the results.
  • Training professionals want to show their value but they do not know how in many cases.
  • The absence of good measurement and the dependence on LMS products has led to poor methods of measuring training.
  • The impact of organizational training is easily shown once you learn how to identify training metrics and institute best practices in training design.

Because today’s organizations train to develop their people, it is our continuous focus to improve both measurement and effectiveness. The lessons learned with organizational assessment are limitless.


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