6 Ways to Attract Millennials with Your Training Programs

The new graduates are out in full force now and ready to face the real world. Get ready for them with training programs that attract and engage Millennials.

Provide Formal Training

Last month we talked about how new grads expect formal training at new jobs but are often disappointed. Do you have formal programs, not just for new grads but for all new employees? Millennials want to know exactly how to do their new jobs. But honestly, don’t all employees? Formal training is one way to meet that expectation.

Measure Training

What do your training programs measure? Do they let your employees know how they are doing? Do they show how they’ve improved over time? Millennials measure everything. Just think of FitBit, Twitter followers, and Facebook likes. They want feedback and the ability to rate their performance.

Give Specific Expectations

Do you have written job descriptions? Surprisingly, many companies don’t. The lack of information can be disconcerting to any new employee. With written descriptions, there is less room for error and guesswork. Your new employees—whether they are Millennials, GenX, or Boomers—like to know what is expected of them from day one. And it helps managers to outline what is and is not in each employee’s job description.

Provide Verbal Feedback

Yes, Millennials like to measure things, but they also like to hear from their managers and coworkers. If they are doing a good job, provide specific praise and details on what they are doing right. If something is off, give constructive feedback for how they can improve. If they seem lost on how to move forward, talking through the issue, offering tips, and even trying to role play a situation can help improve performance.

Work in Teams

Millennials used to team activities. They like and enjoy the camaraderie of working with others. Before you hire, discover ways you can incorporate this aspect into the daily on-the-job activities. You can even incorporate this idea into training, again through role-play or gamification of formal training programs.

Show Detailed Training Paths

Not only do Millennials want to know what is expected of them today, they also like to see possible paths for tomorrow. Do you show new employees the different directions their careers can take? Do you describe what sort of training is need to follow those paths? Do you tell employees what they can expect from choosing one path over another?

What do you think? Do your current training and hiring policies speak to Millennials? What could change to make your policies more appealing to this age group? Please tell us in the comments. If you need help attracting this group of young employees, please contact us. We’d would be happy to help. Email or call us to discuss your needs. Call 919.882.2108. E-mail: info@eParamus.com Twitter:  https://twitter.com/eParamusLLC Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eparamus Web: http://www.eparamus.com/

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