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Learning Measurement Success, One Client At a Time

It can be difficult to be the first in anything. The first person to push back on common practice often gets hit with a mountain of ridicule from those who have done the same thing forever. When you are the first, others tell you all the reasons why what you are doing is wrong. You

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Instructional Design

Bad Training Results Chalked Up to Employee Forgetfulness? I Don’t Think So.

I saw an article recently at the Chief Learning Officer website. It was titled, “It Happens. Employees Forget What They’ve Learned.” Uh, no, it doesn’t just happen. If all your employees forget the training they’ve had, you don’t need reminders. You don’t need to consistently deliver material to make it stick. You need to collaborate

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5 Ways Education and Training Differ…And Why It Matters

Education. Training. Are we simply playing a game of semantics? No, not really, although there can be differences in how certain fields describe learning. (For instance, the health care field almost always uses the term “education” rather than the term “training.”) But when we’re talking about learning development, there are appreciable differences between education and

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