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Leadership Development

What the Power of Partnership Means to Learning Professionals

Every business has an origin story. Here’s ours, which all began by learning the power of partnership. eParamus was founded a decade ago. Our goal was to provide an essential link between development programs and business impact. We started with the idea that learning programs should improve business results. Those results should be delivered in

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Instructional Design

Is It True That Soft Skills Are Harder to Define and Measure?

Easy to spot. Hard to teach. Most learning professionals understand the challenges with helping people learn soft skills. You know the type of skills I mean — those that support working with others. These skills cover areas such as communication, teamwork, and interpersonal relationships. The development of these types of skills remains a hot topic

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Learning pros must earn a place at the executive table
Instructional Design

How Can Learning Professionals Earn A Seat At The Executive Table?

Leaders sit at the executive table. They provide information valuable to running the business. They are the top minds in an organization. From their area of expertise, they create strategies. Those strategies improve outcomes and help the business reach its goals. Each comes from a different discipline—sales, marketing, engineering, and so on. From their realm

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One Powerful Way to Energize Your Learning Development Teams

The shoemaker’s children have no shoes. We grasp the meaning of that proverb all too well. Learning development teams realize the importance of learning. However, we often fail to apply it to our own careers. In L&D, our work helps others learn. We encourage people in their professional development. We pour our hearts and souls

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The Leadership Development Gap: Why Do Companies Fail at Training New Leaders?

Leadership and learning have dramatically increased in importance, but the capability gap is widening. As the economy recovers, companies see an accelerating demand for leadership at all levels, especially among Millennials….Only 6 percent of companies feel fully ready to address their leadership issues, only 10 percent feel comfortable with their succession program, and only 7

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Follow the Leader—Preparing Your Top Talent to Lead

In our last post, we talked a little about making plans for 2014. For your organization, part of those New Year’s plans may be grooming new leaders or improving current leaders. Start at the Top An eParamus specialty is leadership development. We can fine-tune your top leaders to focus your business. To state the obvious, senior

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“The Soft Skills Are The Hard Skills”

“The soft skills are the hard skills.” That’s a quote from Amy Edmondson, professor of leadership and management at Harvard Business School. (It appeared in “Has Executive Education Gone Soft?” by Frank Kalman, for Chief Learning Officer.) It’s a quote that resonated with me because it’s true. It’s not hard to find leaders who know

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Does your Organization Include Essential Training?

In the highly competitive local business environment we have in the Triangle NC, there is intense competition here and around the world for both business and client acquisition. In this situation, there is just one factor that truly makes an organization rise to the top. That factor is strategic training, or an even better term

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