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The Language of Business and Why You Need to Speak It Fluently

In the previous post, we described the difference between efficiency metrics and effectiveness metrics. Let’s talk more about that. Efficiency vs. Effectiveness Efficiency metrics only describe how many, how fast, and how much. You can list off the courses you delivered, the number of students that attended, and the cost of delivering the classes. None

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Training Measurement — Is It in Your Training Budget? (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this series, we talked about the mindsets that hinder training measurement and the false belief that measurement is not possible. In this part, we’ll make the case that training measurement must become a line item in your training budget. The Typical Training Budget Traditionally, training budgets center around content and the

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Training Measurement — Is It in Your Training Budget? (Part 1)

For many businesses, now is budget time. For learning professionals, the budget process reveals much. This process says a lot about the value your company places on the training role. It says even more about if your business sees the training function as a business partner or an overhead expense. At budget time, there are

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Can You Transform L&D from Order-Taker to Business Partner?

Do you think your learning organization can change from being an order taker to a true business partner? Does that sound like a dream? Do you think you can transform L&D in  your organization? If you think it sounds farfetched, you’re not alone. This struggle has been going on for quite some time. Many learning

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How Can Training ROI Help Nursing Professional Development?

Next week, I’ll be leading a pre-conference workshop. The workshop is for the annual conference of the ANPD  in Las Vegas. (The ANPD is the Association of Nursing Professional Development.) The topics of my workshop are my favorites—finding the ROI of education and ROI by Design®. How are training ROI and nursing professional development related?

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Why You Must Measure Behavior and Not Opinion to Find Your Training ROI

Measure behavior, not opinion. Those words are the first image you see on the eParamus® website. And in a previous post, I discussed why behavior matters far more than attitude. I wanted to explain what I mean when I say measure behavior. Can Surveys Measure Training Impact? Think about how most people assess training impact.

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How to Adapt and Reuse Your Training Portfolio

I read a stat recently that only half of a business’s training portfolio is reused. So that means 50% is used for one purpose and then never touched again. Training, when done right, is an investment. Think of it like infrastructure. It’s not a commodity or a consumable. It should be something well-built that can

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Training Impact Measurement Is A Blind Spot for Business

Business leaders both want and need metrics for training. They need proof that their training programs make a difference. However, business leaders mistakenly believe those metrics are out of a reach. This mindset weighs down the training function. Is Measuring Training Impact A Mystery? Training metrics are a blind spot for businesses. Training is treated

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