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Learning Measurement Success, One Client At a Time learning measurement success for learning and instructional design professionals

Learning Measurement Success, One Client At a Time

It can be difficult to be the first in anything. The first person to push back on common practice often gets hit with a mountain of ridicule from those who have done the same thing forever. When you are the first, others tell you all the reasons why what you are doing is wrong. You […]

See You in San Diego at the Upcoming Training Conference and Expo

The 2017 Training Conference and Expo is happening soon. From January 30-February 1 in San Diego, learn the newest approaches to training. At this conference, I’ll present the ROI By Design® model. If you have not already, please plan to join my 3-hour, hands-on clinic. In my session, you learn and practice the ROI By […]

Task vs. Outcome: Why One Matters More Than the Other

Here is an illustration of why task vs. outcome matters. Imagine you had to pick a surgeon. Would you base that decision on the orderly way she kept her surgical tools? Or on how she always finished her surgeries on time? What about how much her colleagues liked her? No, those aren’t the most pressing […]

This Is Why Project Management is Important—But Not Your End Goal

Businesses need people with project management skills. It’s a handy skill to have if you want to drive an initiative in the business world. In fact,  Learning and Development (L&D) teams often need to use project management skills. But there is a problem. L&D has become hyper-focused on project management. For some reason, project management […]

This Is Why Your Learning Budget Lands On the Chopping Block

Your personal budget woes can teach you a lot about your learning budget. When you run tight on funds, you get ruthless with your money. You divide your life into must-haves and nice-to-haves. Must-haves are those things you can’t run a household without. Mortgage payments. Power bills. Water bills. Phone charges. Your Starbucks lattes, craft-beer […]

Here’s How To Take Your Learning Design Skills To The Next Level

If you want to survive as a learning professional, you must take your design skills to the next level. This means that you’ll need to create measurable learning programs. You will need to show how those programs deliver business results. When we look at the core competency of our profession, we can define the trainer’s […]

This Is How To Survive As A Learning Professional

As a learning professional, you have a decision to make. Will you remain a producer or become a partner to the business you serve? A producer transforms programs, but a partner transforms the business. In recent years, there has been a mindset shift. That shift happened in the minds of those who employ learning professionals. […]

The Top 5 Things Your Learning Tools Are Missing

As a learning professional, I’m amazed at how bad learning tools are. Most fail to answer the basic question that our stakeholders and business owners ask: what is the business value of our learning programs? Current software learning tools focus on either content design (e-Learning Authoring Tools) or content delivery (Learning Management Systems). One helps […]

From Design to ROI: How to Make Learning Measurable, Part 2

In part 1, we described how programs must be designed to create behavior change. In this part, we show how to connect behavior change to metrics and then to ROI. You’ll recall this pyramid design from part 1. Connect behavior change to metrics To connect behavior change to metrics, you must find the metrics in […]