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Training Impact Measurement Is A Blind Spot for Business

Business leaders both want and need metrics for training. They need proof that their training programs make a difference. However, business leaders mistakenly believe those metrics are out of a reach. This mindset weighs down the training function. Is Measuring Training Impact A Mystery? Training metrics are a blind spot for businesses. Training is treated […]

Can You Create Measurable Training?

Can you create measurable training? Yes. In fact, you want measurable training especially if you need to know training ROI. Measurable training and ROI go hand in hand. So what is measurable training? Measurable training is standardized training that is repeatable. You can measure the impact of this training on your employees and organization. How […]

Training Impact — Is It About Isolating the Effect of Training?

“Isolating the impact of training programs is nearly impossible, as well as counterproductive.” That statement was a true/false item in a quiz presented by the Kirkpatrick Partners. Yep, those Kirkpatricks, the ones responsible for Kirkpatrick’s Model. Of respondents, 73% marked this statement as false. However, Kirkpatrick Partners and the other 27% of respondents say this […]

Training ROI Is A Struggle But Shouldn’t Be

Do you believe training measurement is an illusion? Do you think measuring training impact is a too hard? According to a recent Chief Learning Officer web site article, many of you do. Josh Bersin lists the problems training pros have with training measurement and training ROI. These problems can be overcome. Hopefully this post will […]