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The Leadership Development Gap: Why Do Companies Fail at Training New Leaders?

Leadership and learning have dramatically increased in importance, but the capability gap is widening. As the economy recovers, companies see an accelerating demand for leadership at all levels, especially among Millennials….Only 6 percent of companies feel fully ready to address their leadership issues, only 10 percent feel comfortable with their succession program, and only 7

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Why Behavior Change Matters More Than Attitude

“I love when others get it!” That’s the thought that ran through my mind when I read this post from Leo Sadovy at SAS. It thrills me to see people outside of the training profession understand why behavior change matters. Behavior change is the goal of good training design. Behavior Change Is What Matters As

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How to Adapt and Reuse Your Training Portfolio

I read a stat recently that only half of a business’s training portfolio is reused. So that means 50% is used for one purpose and then never touched again. Training, when done right, is an investment. Think of it like infrastructure. It’s not a commodity or a consumable. It should be something well-built that can

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Learning Analytics — Transforming Traditional Training

Typical training doesn’t work for today’s businesses. Markets move too fast. Just-in-time training is needed more than ever. Training pros must prove value with hard data. They must show results that add to the business bottom line. Learning analytics is the answer to that need. Learning Analytics Defined So what are learning analytics? Learning analytics

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Strategic Training Becomes eParamus™

If you’re a frequent visitor to this blog, you may have noticed our name change. Strategic Training is now eParamus™. The new name is based on the Latin terms for evaluate and prepare. It reflects our ongoing commitment to the success of our customers through effective preparation and evaluation. Evaluate Let’s consider those terms for

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With Training, Thinking Doesn’t Translate to Doing

A couple weeks back, we talked about measurement. The gist was that if something needs to change in your organization, you have to measure it to change it. There’s more to this story, however. Often companies think that to measure they need to ask if someone thinks the training applies or that they will use

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4 Ways Organizational Change Can Throw Your Business Off Course

In 1999, Dave Brandon became CEO of Domino’s. Daniel Denison, Robert Hooijberg, Nancy Lane and Colleen Lief wrote various IMD Business School case studies focused on Domino’s. They report that Brandon’s first words to employees were these: “If you don’t remember anything else about me today, just remember these three words: Change is good. Change

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