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Learning Professionals Addressing the COVID-19 Challenges

Learning Professionals Addressing the COVID-19 Challenges

Managing Business During a Pandemic Companies in the United States are still dealing with the changes that have come from the COVID-19 crisis that started in early March. They are trying to figure out how to manage business in the middle of a pandemic. The challenges have been many. Despite this, it is inspiring to […]

This Is Why Your Learning Budget Lands On the Chopping Block

Your personal budget woes can teach you a lot about your learning budget. When you run tight on funds, you get ruthless with your money. You divide your life into must-haves and nice-to-haves. Must-haves are those things you can’t run a household without. Mortgage payments. Power bills. Water bills. Phone charges. Your Starbucks lattes, craft-beer […]

What’s Ahead For Learning In 2016

Chief Learning Officer magazine polls CLOs monthly, just to see what they’re thinking. As the calendar page flipped to 2016, their most recent poll showed insight into what’s ahead for learning in 2016. Most of the takeaways are optimistic. There are no major surprises in the results. In fact, I see trends continuing that took […]

Why It’s Hard to Secure Budget for Learning Measurement and 3 Tips to Make It Easier

The state of measurement in L&D lags woefully behind all other areas of the business. This lag has made learning measurement a hot topic at nearly every conference I’ve attended this year. L&D professionals realize that this area needs serious improvement. Given the sheer volume of data being collected by businesses today, it seems truly […]

QA Is A Basic Business Requirement…So Where’s The QA In L&D?

I often ask people if their learning and development (L&D) function uses a quality assurance (QA) program. They sometimes reply saying that their QA is making sure courses include all the required design components. That’s the wrong answer. Again, many L&D professionals confuse tasks with results. We discussed this before when we covered the difference […]

At Budget Time, Your Boss Doesn’t Care How Many Courses You Deliver — And You Shouldn’t Either

Budget time often means putting on the Learning and Development (L&D) dog-and-pony show. You brag about what you’ve done in the past year. You try to convince your bosses to let you do it again next year. How do you approach the annual budget time process? Is This Your Approach at Budget Time? Do you […]

Training Measurement — Is It in Your Training Budget? (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this series, we talked about the mindsets that hinder training measurement and the false belief that measurement is not possible. In this part, we’ll make the case that training measurement must become a line item in your training budget. The Typical Training Budget Traditionally, training budgets center around content and the […]

Training Measurement — Is It in Your Training Budget? (Part 1)

For many businesses, now is budget time. For learning professionals, the budget process reveals much. This process says a lot about the value your company places on the training role. It says even more about if your business sees the training function as a business partner or an overhead expense. At budget time, there are […]

Sales Training — Use It to Make More and Better Sales

I checked out a Slide Share from The Brevet Group. It has some pretty scary stats about sales. Being a training pro myself, the ones that stood out to me were about sales training. 55% of the people making their living in sales don’t have the right skills to be successful Continuous training gives 50% […]

Training Budget Time? 4 Ways to Get and Keep A Bigger Budget

For 2015, about 55% of CLOs expect bigger training budgets. Has your training budget grown? If you don’t want to give up those gains, follow these tips. Invest in Learning Tech to Boost Your Training Budget Chief Learning Officer magazine via IDC surveyed CLOs.  The survey asked CLOs about training budget goals. CLOs said technology […]