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Can Your Trainers Design Training Guaranteed to Impact Your Organization? On this blog, we often talk about measuring training impact. However, the responsibility to create measurable training rests with your training professionals. Does your team know how to create measurable training? Does your training allow for repeatable results for both the student’s performance on the

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What Are Your Big Plans for 2014?

I find it unbelievable that October is nearly over. Leaves are falling. The weather is getting cooler. The holidays are approaching.  I’m not sure where the year has gone. It’s  natural this time of  year to get nostalgic, take stock of the year behind us, and start thinking about the year ahead. This is true

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You’re Hired! Now What?

I just read a really interesting blog post recently:  5 Conversations You Must Have with A New Boss. The post provides great information for new employees, but if you are a supervisor or responsible for on-boarding new employees, the post also makes a great read. This topic reminded me of the basics people need when

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Learning About Your Customer—Should T&D Play A Role?

As a training and development professional, your job boils down to engaging and developing adult learners, nearly always in relation to their jobs. For those of us in internal training groups, that means creating learning for our fellow employees. For others who consult with other firms, that means working with clients on the best way

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Practice Makes Perfect

There’s a difference between learning something and mastering something. That difference is practice. As a training professional, do you make sure your training programs include practice? Do you allow students to use their new-found learning within the context of work? Why Practice Matters Several books have come out in recent years that tout the effectiveness

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Training Is Not The Silver Bullet Solution

Take a look at this article: How Trainers Can Add Value: More Problem Solving, Less Training. I was struck by the truth of this statement: “Training is often—and mistakenly—assumed to be the silver bullet that can solve performance issues, and training managers are usually the ones charged with delivering the solution.” Is Lack of Training

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Can Businesses and Trainers Learn to Speak the Same Language?

Business Language vs. Training Language How do you make others understand you if you don’t speak their language? I don’t mean your native tongue. I mean business language vs. training language. In our field, trainers explain the value of training in learning objectives. A learning objective describes exactly what a student will learn from a

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The Support of Strategic Training and Success

As we head quickly through Thanksgiving and into the Holiday Season, our organizational focus is on continuing success and the New Year. The latest business challenges here in the Triangle NC and beyond mean new issues and new methodology as we create goals and complete objectives. Exceeding this speed of change is the continuing training

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4 Areas of Organizational Process

With strategy and organizational training the main conduits for improvement, it is critical to look at critical areas that are supported by the training and subsequent measurement and results. Here are four areas of importance: People: The number one priority will always continue to be people. Taking care of employees and clients in positive ways

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Learning, Application, and Knowledge

Learning is something all humans share. It is very interesting to note that we all start learning at the same time. At birth, we quickly realize that we can get satisfaction every time we cry. It is a fact that a crying newborn will always get fed. The infant has no clue of language or

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