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Learning, Application, and Knowledge

Learning is something all humans share. It is very interesting to note that we all start learning at the same time. At birth, we quickly realize that we can get satisfaction every time we cry. It is a fact that a crying newborn will always get fed. The infant has no clue of language or

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Find Your Course of Employee Development

Employees are the life of every organization. In these still challenging times, education and employee development are important tools for process improvement and success. Knowing the people and their abilities are at the heart of training success. Needs and wants combined with relevancy create the learning objectives that bring focus to strategy. eParamus in the

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6 Key Findings About Organizational Training

In organizations today, there is still a solid number that believes training is an addendum to core business. Many consider training to be a cost and an expense with little or no direct measurement on process improvement. It is our belief at eParamus that learning has a direct reflection on both business and personal success.

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Strategic Facilitation is the Basis for Organizational Success

Every organization needs growth to be successful. Economics aside, every single person has to grow at the same rate as the business to keep everything in sync. Open communication and engaged leadership are necessary, but the quality and the subsequent measurement of the training are key ingredients. In most cases, companies that give emphasis to

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4 Ways Training Supports Your Organization

Training curriculums across organizations within the Triangle are now center stage. With today’s continued focus on quality, content, and responsibility; courses are creating both opportunity and success on a daily basis. Training is the number one tool for internal economic development through continuing education. Paying attention to the people in the organization and involving them

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