Which Is Best—Custom or Standard Training?

And The Answer Is It Depends

As we close out the year, we’ve been posting a few ways that eParamus can help you with your goals for the New Year. Perhaps you’ve developed some training initiatives for 2014. You know what you want to accomplish, but maybe you haven’t worked out the details yet.

Businessman speaking on presentationOne of the biggest questions can be do you need custom or standard training? Honestly, the answer really depends on your situation. Some business needs are common across all industries, like leadership development, communication skills, and conflict resolution. If that’s your need, then perhaps off-the-shelf training will work. Some needs are specific to your industry, business, or process. If that’s the case, then you will likely have to rely on custom training.

No matter which option works for you, our instructional designers create training courses—either in workshop or clinic formats—that make teamwork and communication easy. These formats, paired with plenty of practice time for using new skills, create the best environment for learning.

Custom Courses

Working with you, eParamus creates courses that match the culture and goals of your company. We can help you create on-boarding/new hire/orientation or certification programs. Your new employees can reach peak performance levels quickly with customized training.

Standard Courses

If you need to train on a common topic, the following courses may fit your situation. These topics lend themselves to off-the-rack content, but can also be adapted for your particular program.


Communication Skills for Effective Management

How to Motivate Your Team to Improve Productivity

Coaching Skills for Developing Managers

Successful Interviewing and Hiring


Organize and Communicate to Reduce Conflicts

Resolve Conflicts and Improve Working Relationships

Process Improvement—Basic Principles for Blending People and Process


Business Writing and Email Etiquette

Must Knows for Customer Communications

How to Create Effective Presentations

Developing Personal Listening Approaches


Leadership through Organizational Change

Team Building through Organizational Change

Developing Good Communication for Effective

Organizational Change

The People Side of Process Improvement in Change Environments

Have you struggled with choosing between standard and custom training? Are there other training goals for the New Year that you have questions about? Tell us in the comments. We’d love to hear from you.

Are you struggling to choose between standard or custom training? Do you need a combination, such as a standard course with a few custom touches? Contact us and we’ll talk through your options with you. Call 919.882.2108. E-mail: info@eparamus.com Twitter:  https://twitter.com/eParamusLLC/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eparamus/ Web: https://www.eparamus.com/

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