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Employees are the life of every organization. In these still challenging times, education and employee development are important tools for process improvement and success. Knowing the people and their abilities are at the heart of training success. Needs and wants combined with relevancy create the learning objectives that bring focus to strategy.

eParamus in the heart of Raleigh, NC works with businesses and organizations by developing standard and customized training that centers on solution. Our instructional designers, in either workshop or clinic setting, create courses based on the organization’s guiding principles, mission, and core values. The best environment for learning always involves growth and continual practice of newly learned skills.

  • Customized Courses

With customized courses, goals and corporate culture blend to opportunity. We can also help develop on-boarding and new hire orientation that help ensure new employees reach their objectives quickly and effectively.

  • Standard Courses

Many courses are common to all areas of employee performance. These topics can be modified from standard criterion and they can be adapted and adjusted for your particular program and process. Here is a sampling of course topics that can benefit your organization.


  • Communication Skills for Effective Management
  • Successful Interviewing and Hiring

Team Dynamics

  • Organize and Communicate to Reduce Conflicts
  • Process Improvement – Basic Principles for Blending People


  • How to Create Effective Presentations
  • Developing Personal Listening Approaches

Change Management

  • Team Building through Organizational Change
  • The People Side of Process Improvement in Change Environments

The best training solutions come from vision, mission, objectives and need. We work with your organization and focus on assessment, direction and desired results. Knowing your business will get better with teamwork and communication is critical to our aim; we want business to prosper. Call us today and tell us what your organization needs to both grow and prosper. Success is what we want for you.


This article about courses and course development is brought to you by the good folks at eParamus.

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