How Can Training ROI Help Nursing Professional Development?

Nurse professional development links to training ROINext week, I’ll be leading a pre-conference workshop. The workshop is for the annual conference of the ANPD  in Las Vegas. (The ANPD is the Association of Nursing Professional Development.)

The topics of my workshop are my favorites—finding the ROI of education and ROI by Design®.

How are training ROI and nursing professional development related? Good question! To answer, first let’s talk about the Association of Nursing Professional Development or ANPD.

Using Nursing Professional Development for Better Healthcare Outcomes

The goal of ANPD is to inspire members to excel by providing education services. Their purpose is to enhance and improve healthcare outcomes. Professional development and improvement of outcomes is defined by standards and based on research. ANPD recognizes the link between best practices and better healthcare outcomes.

Their purpose sounds almost exactly like the goals of the ROI by Design® model. Define job and role standards. When creating training, tie job standards to desired outcomes. Measure the results. Make changes based on outcomes and reporting.

A  goal of this conference is for attendees to identify best practices, research evidence, and measure outcomes. Nursing leaders, HR leaders, nurses, teachers and students all will be at this conference. They all want to know how to gain better outcomes in healthcare.

Targeted Education and Training ROI

My session is a pre-conference workshop about ROI by Design. It’s on Monday, July 13.

Session attendees will learn how to measure the ROI of education and training. I’ll describe a new training model that uses employee education to create behavior changes. Those behavior changes link to the metrics that your organization measures. That way, you can see exactly how education impacts your health organization.

In my session, you will learn how to use this model and measure your training outcomes. I’ll give examples of other progressive organizations and how they use this model. I’ll present real-world examples to explain how you can get the same types of outcomes. We’ll also talk about the implications of this work to both practice and research in the healthcare field.

Do you want to read more about how I helped one healthcare organization improve their healthcare outcomes? You can download the UNC Healthcare case study.

Are you planning to attend the pre-conference workshops and the ANPD conference this year? If you plan to attend, drop me a note or leave a comment. I’d love to meet you there.

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