Learning, Application, and Knowledge

Learning is something all humans share. It is very interesting to note that we all start learning at the same time. At birth, we quickly realize that we can get satisfaction every time we cry. It is a fact that a crying newborn will always get fed. The infant has no clue of language or strategy; yet that baby has quickly learned how to get attention and results.

As we age with experience the patterns of learning do change. The difference is not in the learning so much as it is in the application.

It is safe to say that learning is knowledge PLUS what is done with it. In business, it is all about practice and application. In fact, how knowledge is transferred across the organization is not only central to goals and objectives but also to strategies and success.

Training across any organization must be aligned with learning and the consequences of learning; what we know and call knowledge.

Learning begins with change and ends in results. Productivity and performance are derivative to the success of the learning transfer itself. It is through the business impact that we assess significance. Just as important is job satisfaction which is a blend of both expectations and support.

New learning is critical in this still struggling economy; reviewing all processes and policies for effectiveness and efficiency continue to make every organization stronger.

In organizations undergoing change, learning can often be considered an intervention. New learning and motivation help ensure the future for everyone on the team. Training now becomes a mediator involved in transition that affects climate, focus, culture and core values. Although many variables affect training including budget, number of employees and stage of development, it is so important in application and knowledge base.

It is through development that teams are successful. The tools offered at eParamus

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