Can Your Trainers Design Training Guaranteed to Impact Your Organization?

On this blog, we often talk about measuring training impact. However, the responsibility to create measurable training rests with your training professionals. Does your team know how to create measurable training? Does your training allow for repeatable results for both the student’s performance on the job and changes to the organization?

In many businesses, the training team is composed of subject matter experts, staff with a knack for teaching others, and senior staff who have gathered extensive knowledge over the years. These folks are very knowledgeable about the subject they teach, but they may lack formal knowledge of instructional design techniques.


It’s All About Value

In today’s business world, training must show its value to secure funding. That means training must be designed to ensure observable improvements on the job that align with corporate strategy. Often, even experienced instructional designers do not have the skills they need to develop training that is both measurable and creates repeatable results. At Strategic Training, we created the Measurable Instructional Design Certification to meet this need.

Measurable Instructional Design™ (MID™)

The MID™ certification is a unique program providing the knowledge and skills necessary to develop training which is both measurable and aligned with operational/strategic metrics. The MID™ certification covers the following three areas:


Learn how organizational metrics are tied to training programs and identify key impact points for training evaluation.


Work with company and business unit managers to select organizational metrics that relate to learning initiatives. Develop repeatable, measurable objectives that will impact the metric once they are achieved.


Learn how to link training objectives to instructional methods and summarized evaluations. Use the Business Impact 2.0 System to produce a complete design document.

Have you faced challenges with a training team that lacks formal instructional design training? Do you think that type of formal training is necessary? Tell me in the comments. I’d like to hear more about your experiences in this area.

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