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In my last post, I mentioned that my book, ROI By Design—Unlock Training’s Impact Through Measurable Instructional Design, is now available from

The book has honestly been a labor of love and I hope that you’ll pick up a copy to read.

When the idea for my business began to germinate in 2007, my goal was to help training leaders create effective training departments. However, the more I worked with clients, the closer I came to the real purpose of eParamus™. I  discovered how trainers could address two huge needs—partnering with their customers and proving the effectiveness of training.

Working with our customers, eParamus™ grew and we learned what makes programs effective. We discovered that program design is the key to training measurement and impact. This knowledge helped us to create the Measurable Instructional Design™ (MID) process. We discovered the steps needed to ensure that training both improves performance and meets company goals.

Combining MID and ROI by Design™ helped our customers deliver measurable training that resulted in learning in the classroom, changes on the job, and impact to the organization. Our program makes collaboration between trainers and business stakeholders smooth. It allows instructional design and training evaluation to fit easily into the current workflow of an organization. This method also provides the chain of evidence needed to satisfy all stakeholders.

eParamus™ customers were companies that wanted to start or improve their training and measurement programs. We developed services, certifications, and products to show organizations how to apply strong internal training design and measurement programs. This scalable and easy-to-implement method has been used in industries such as healthcare, pharmaceutical, aviation, textile, financial, transportation, and training.

Today, eParamus™ helps organizations and training companies use the process quickly and efficiently. We help elevate the training department to a partnership with the rest of the organization. We help trainers show their expertise and highlight their value. eParamus™ provides organizational development professionals with the knowledge, skills, and tools to provide better training. You can learn to educate business executives on the science of training, in an accessible and simplified way. Our customers see how training can drive their business forward providing the competitive advantage that strong, well educated employees can bring!

My book describes the ROI By Design process, highlighting all the steps along the way. If you need to know more about creating measurable, effective training programs, I hope you’ll pick up a copy. If you read the book and have comments, please leave them. And of course, if you have questions and need help creating a measurable and effective training program, please contact us at eParamus™. We’d would be happy to help. Email or call us to discuss your needs. Call 919.882.2108. E-mail: Twitter: Facebook: Web:

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