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This Is How You Use Data to Tell Your Story

“We know our learning programs deliver results…we just need the data to prove it. That’s the only way to establish our value to the business.” Have you ever said these words or had these thoughts? Have you ever been pressed to use data to show your value? Why Learning Professionals Are Being Pushed to Provide

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The Top 5 Things Your Learning Tools Are Missing

As a learning professional, I’m amazed at how bad learning tools are. Most fail to answer the basic question that our stakeholders and business owners ask: what is the business value of our learning programs? Current software learning tools focus on either content design (e-Learning Authoring Tools) or content delivery (Learning Management Systems). One helps

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From Design to ROI: How to Make Learning Measurable, Part 2

In part 1, we described how programs must be designed to create behavior change. In this part, we show how to connect behavior change to metrics and then to ROI. You’ll recall this pyramid design from part 1. Connect behavior change to metrics To connect behavior change to metrics, you must find the metrics in

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From Design to ROI: How to Make Learning Measurable, Part 1

This image describes how learning ROI progresses. In part 1 of this discussion, we’ll proceed through the bottom two layers of the pyramid, which are program design and behavior change. Let’s go through the pieces and describe how each is dependent on the other. The program design is the instrument of change and it provides

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How to Ensure Your Critical Programs Succeed Every Time

Raise your hands: For how many of you is failure an option? Exactly. No one ever volunteered to fail. As a learning professional, failure can’t happen on your watch. Your critical programs are too important for that scenario to occur. Learning Professionals Facing Greater Scrutiny Like most learning professionals, you probably feel the pressure to

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Why Knowledge Plus Application is the Best Learning Program Design

As I said in my previous post, some clients come to me thinking knowledge-only learning programs are fine. As I showed in that post, there’s a huge problem with programs like that: no way to capture ROI. Without ROI, you can’t show the value of the training function in a company. You need measurement to

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Why Knowledge-Only Courses Fail Every Time and How to Fix It

Yes, we have all heard the saying that knowledge is power. But does that mean knowledge-only courses are the best path for success? Some customers tell me they want to create a course that delivers only on knowledge objectives. They believe that providing knowledge without incorporating how the knowledge should be applied works fine. They

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Why & how does accountability matter in business learning Part 3.

As I concluded in part 2 of this series, business managers and learning pros are failing to speak the same language. The common language both groups need to speak is metrics. The reason accountability is often ignored is failure to measure outcomes. These measures are the only thing that can tell us if the goals

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Why and how does accountability matter in business learning? Part 2

In part 1 of this series, we described the learning phases in an organization. Here’s how learning programs often come about. A manager notices a problem. Let’s say it’s a spike in complaints about customer service. The manager approaches the learning department and asks for customer service training. The manager then sends employees to training

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Why and how does accountability matter in business learning? Part 1.

Have you thought about how learning progresses through an organization? It occurs in four distinct phases:Examining, learning, applying, and impacting. First, the organization is examined to determine the need for learning. Second, the student learns the material. Third, the learner applies the material on the job. Finally, the learner’s new skills have (or should have)

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