Plan, Measure, and Justify your Organization Training

No two people are alike and it the same for organizations here in the Triangle. When you mix the two together how do you know that the blend will be efficient and effective? Organizational assessment is a key component to success. Resources, people, processes, and profits all become ingredients for developing excellence in training ROI. In fact, with billions of dollars spent on training each year in the United States, it is critical.

Within eParamus we can assess and support what you will plan, measure and justify in training value. Our consultants can create a custom program to fit your organization’s needs. We meet with your leadership and discuss with you the process ingredients. This discussion will help determine your goals and objectives; these are then translated into the behaviors needed to achieve collective organizational goals.

During each phase of the training process, results are measured. After the training is complete, the behavior is again assessed and measured. If you do not get the desired results, you can go back and correct the behavior.

This training strategy supports:

  • Corporate redefinition
  • Understanding and clarity
  • Certainty and focus
  • Collaboration and team commitment
  • Planning and scheduling

Fully developed training based on ROI improves individuals, the environment, goals and objectives. Monitoring and adjustment will improve performance. In fact, the measurement and the subsequent correlation will provide the basis for desired outcomes. These programs result in increased productivity, management involvement, accountability, and the strategy to quantify to top management the true value of organizational training.

The process that eParamus uses creates verifiable results and helps ensure training impact, the right way. Our Business Impact 2.0 will work for your organization and for your team. It supports core values, mission, and guiding principles. It is what we do in support that makes your organization grow.


This article on training and measurement is brought to you by the good folks at eParamus.

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