ROI is Key for Organizational Training Success

When it comes to training and training value here in the Triangle NC, there are a variety of local opinions on this subject that come from a multitude of sources. In fact, everyone in business training and organizational assessment has their own interpretation of what the Return of Investment (ROI) is and what it constitutes.

It is safe to say that the correct training and strategy can impact changes in knowledge, skills, and attitude. In fact, it is because of the trainer’s ability to influence positive change that helps to identify the effectiveness of the programs themselves.

Training is always implemented with the effort of enabling changes in job behavior. ROI should be assessed only when the accomplishment of the behaviors takes place. It should be known ahead of time what behaviors will be impacted and how the training should be implemented. Determining the accomplishment of behaviors can be done with the following methodology:

  • Pre and post-test comparison
  • Testing to see if the behaviors are applied and retained (transfer test)
  • Looking at positive changes in behavior as ROI

Regardless of training purpose, the design and the facilitation are the essential reasons trainers are employed.  The value of every training department increases when courses are created that are both effective and repeatable. Key performance metrics (KPM) have to be considered to design and implement the correct programs. Trending the changes in KPM with the company metrics of performance can help to identify what key performances will truly make change. This process will help teams to predict what courses will create an impact. Predictability is paramount to enabling training personnel to be more proactive in addressing the strategies needed for success. This goes a long way toward showing leadership and management the value in training.

At eParamus, we utilize this process (with support software) which helps our clients use this methodology to improve what they do. We have implemented this in medical centers, pharmaceutical, and aviation companies among others. Each company, with its unique products and services, identifies their own metrics which help develop the courses that impact employees the most. The ROI is more readily determined because we can always show the KPM changes as well as the association between the KPM and the corporate metric. This association is at the heart of organizational success.


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