See You in San Diego at the Upcoming Training Conference and Expo

Meet other learning professionals at the Training Conference and ExpoThe 2017 Training Conference and Expo is happening soon. From January 30-February 1 in San Diego, learn the newest approaches to training.

At this conference, I’ll present the ROI By Design® model. If you have not already, please plan to join my 3-hour, hands-on clinic. In my session, you learn and practice the ROI By Design® methods. These methods enable you to easily show how learning is essential to business success. After this session, you no longer need to guess at the impact of learning. You’ll use ROI by Design® to calculate and describe your learning program value.

What’s in the ROI By Design® Boot Camp

In my boot camp, learn how to capitalize on current best practices in measurable learning design. You’ll learn to create the chain of evidence that starts with design. At the end, you will have a clear understanding of how to design programs that create business outcomes. Your programs will be measurable and will align learning programs with organizational goals/metrics.

Learn to:

  • Standardize learning design to enable the measurement of outcomes.
  • Master creating programs that prove impact on the learner, the job, and the organization.
  • See examples measurement methods used by other organizations.
  • Understand how to create evidence of learning impact and establish accountability for learning results.
  • Recognize the data generated at various learning measurement stages.
  • Use data gathered to inform data-driven decisions in your organization.

Why attend the 2017 Training Conference and Expo

The 2016 Training Industry Report found total U.S. training expenditures equaled $70.65 billion. That’s no small sum. L&D must spend those funds wisely. That’s where this conference can help. The Training Conference and Expo dedicates itself to being the top train-the-trainer event. For 40 years, they have provided attendees leading skill-building content. The conference covers all aspects of online and instructor-led training.

The conference targets anyone in the L&D profession. That includes chief learning officers, instructional designers, and trainer or educators of all kinds.

Just consider what last year’s attendees said about the event:

  • 95.4% agreed they had a quality experience attending the event.
  • 90.9% said the event content will help them do their job more effectively.
  • 91.4% said they would recommend attending this event to a colleague.

Besides the main conference, there are pre-conference events from January 27-29.

It’s still not too late to sign up. Save $250 on the 3-day conference with discount code TSP2.

Why learn about ROI By Design®?

I described above the topics covered in my boot camp, but there’s more to it than that.

ROI by Design® is a design and measurement method based on best practice. It empirically shows the value of learning programs. You can measure change initiatives without relying on survey or opinion-based results. This method is unique. Why? It achieves effective learning impact through the design of the learning program. ROI by Design® programs link performance changes in the classroom, on the job, and on organizational metrics. It’s this link between learning and outcomes that creates a complete chain of evidence.

This model was created because we needed a better way. Linking training design to outcomes was the key. ROI By Design® was the solution.

The ROI By Design® process moves beyond Kirkpatrick’s levels. The model shows you how to create quantifiable performance improvement and apply measurement and evaluation. With this model, you  understand what types of data to collect, when/how to collect it, what you can learn from the data, and how to communicate the results to stakeholders.

Will you be at the 2017 Training Conference and Expo? If so, drop me a line. I’d love to meet up with you there. And, as always, if you’re interested in ROI by Design®, contact us at eParamus. We’d love to show you more.

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