Strategic Training Certification Means Increased Value

Renjith Krishnan trainingOrganizations across North Carolina and the Triangle are gearing up for an upbeat 2013. As we end this year, we are seeing signs of opportunity and positive change. It is important to head into the 1st Quarter with a focused business mission and a sharpening of the skills needed to increase profitability and success.

It is indeed a blend of skills, attitudes, and knowledge that form the foundation for training and development. Questions that should be asked in every company as we renew strategies:

  • Are the training and its results truly measurable?
  • Is the training producing the changes the business needs and wants?
  • Does training impact both productive change and individual performance? 

In today’s economy, training must reflect value and results. Training excellence can provide additional reasons for both funding and growth. There is a focus on both the trainer and the preparation that is involved. Quality training increases:

  • Proper class facilitation
  • Understanding of the trainees
  • Support of the substance and delivery
  • Chances for success even with difficult topics

Instructional Design supports the above points with a menu of effectiveness. eParamus continues to offer its unique Measurable Instructional Design (MID) Certification. There are many experienced instructional designers across our region and beyond who need to improve the skills necessary to develop the proper training; training that is measurable and repeatable in results. This important certification is designed to meet this organizational need.

Training means value when the certification is achieved. Producing effective training is an important and necessary management skill. This skill involves analysis and methodology and increases the application of skill to design.

Efficient learning approaches increase both success and results and they have a positive effect on facilitators, leaders, and participants. Linking objectives to methods and evaluations gives the entire team the chance to improve the credibility of both employees and management.

Call us today to see how you can become certified to produce this type of training that brings productivity and value.

May all of you enjoy a wonderful Holiday Season and the happiest of New Years!


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