As a learning professional, I’m amazed at how bad learning tools are. Most fail to answer the basic question that our stakeholders and business owners ask: what is the business value of our learning programs?

Current software learning tools focus on either content design (e-Learning Authoring Tools) or content delivery (Learning Management Systems). One helps you author content (but without telling you if it’s effective); the other is a glorified to-do list telling you what people have done.

The big problem is that neither tells you a thing about how good your training is. They don’t tell you what your students learn or retain. Most importantly, neither gives you an idea of the ROI for your training programs. You have no clue if your training makes a difference to your business or not.

Here at eParamus, we created Business Impact 2.0 to take a different approach. It is the first tool that links learning design to job performance to business results. With this tool, you’ll see a clear connection.

Here’s what’s missing from your current learning tools—and what’s INCLUDED with Business Impact 2.0.

An easy way to standardize design. Business Impact 2.0 offers computer-aided instructional design. Why does that matter? It guides you through a standardized design process. In this way, you create learning programs correctly from the start. Through this standardized process, you easily connect learning and evaluation.

Multiple levels of measurement. Most current learning tools only measure who took what class when—if they bother measuring anything at all. With Business Impact 2.0, impact is measured at three key points: in the classroom, on the job, and to the organization.

A simple way to figure ROI for your learning programs. The Business Impact 2.0 system was born from proven science and industry best practices. Once a program is designed, Business Impact 2.0 handles the details of training scheduling and delivery. It generates facilitator tools, manages assessment delivery (or interfaces with your existing assessment system), provides real-time performance measurement data, and generates reports. You’ll have all the data at your fingertips, showing exactly how your learning programs are benefiting your business.

A clear connection between student learning and business impact. The great thing about Business Impact 2.0 is how clear it makes the learning process. Our Business Impact 2.0 software is the backbone that drives the entire ROI by Design® process. ROI by Design® empirically shows learning program value without relying on survey or opinion-based results. With these methods, you’ll create programs that link performance changes in the classroom, on the job, and on organizational metrics. It’s this link that creates a clear and compelling chain of evidence.

An easy-to-use test drive so you can try before you buy. The Business Impact 2.0 software is available in three levels depending on your needs. The Test Drive level is the lowest level. You can use all software features for up to two of your critical programs. This level is free and provides a great introduction to the Business Impact 2.0 software.

Ready for a Test Drive?

If you’re ready to take a test drive of Business Learning 2.0, click here. Do you have other questions about learning design and creating measurable training? Then contact us at eParamus. We’d love to work with you.

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