A New Book, New Website, & New Offerings

Around here, we’re excited about what’s ahead for eParamus in the coming year. If you’re visiting eParamus for the first time, take a look around. Learning leaders look to us to help them make that essential link between their training programs and business results. We’ve refreshed the website to better highlight our focus on who we help and how we help. The new site gives us a fresh face, but there are many other exciting events and changes happening.

Upcoming Training Conferences

eParamus is presenting a one-day preconference workshop at the upcoming Training 2020 Conference and Expo in Orlando, Florida. Our session, “Learning Design Analytics: Use Them to Verify Learning’s Impact on Company Success” is a hands-on clinic. It takes place on Wednesday, February 26 and runs from 12:15 pm to 3:15 pm. eParamus representatives will also be at vendor booth #215. Come see us!

Another event ahead for eParamus is the Association for Nursing Professional Development (ANPD) Annual Convention. That event takes place in Chicago April 28 to May 1. eParamus will have a booth at the event. Come visit us at booth 212.

Roundtables for Those Local to Raleigh, NC

eParamus conducts and sponsors two “Learning Leader Roundtables” in our local area. Roundtables meet monthly to share best practices, discuss challenges, and focus on strategic areas of the learning leader role. One roundtable is called the Learning Leader Group and is for learning managers. The second roundtable is the Executive Leader Group and includes those in the job role of director and above. You can access the calendar on my Speaking page to see dates for future roundtables, as well as other speaking engagements.

In 2020, we have plans to add additional virtual roundtable groups to support learning leaders outside of our local area. These roundtables will operate the same as the local groups and will provide learning leaders a forum to learn from one another, share best practices, and discuss strategic direction in a peer-to-peer environment. Participation in the roundtable groups is limited to a small group of leaders who meet once a month. A small consistent group of participants facilitates relationship building and deeper, more meaningful conversation.

Any learning professional who is in a leadership position can apply for membership. If you would like to be considered for participation in our Learning Leader or Executive Leader Group, you can complete the request form on our website.   

A New Book Coming Out in 2020

My current book, ROI by Design: Unlock Training Impact Through Measurable Instructional Design has been available for some time now. It’s available as both paperback and in an e-reader format if you’d like to learn about how to measure the ROI of your leaning programs. I’ll be publishing another book in late 2020. It will focus on how to run your learning organization as a business. We’ll post notices here once the book is available.

Connect With Us To Learn More

We’re excited about the changes and new offerings ahead for eParamus. If your L&D team needs to implement its own changes this year, please contact us here at eParamus. We can walk you through those changes step by step.

Please follow eParamus on LinkedIn and feel free to connect with me, Laura Paramoure, PhD to discuss your specific learning challenges.

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Thank you for your interest in eParamus. We look forward to helping you meet your design and measurement goals.

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