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The eParamus team has been helping trainers like you for a long time. Our experience guides us in every engagement, and we love sharing that experience. Below are some of our most asked about experiences that can help you start building a better training system.

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You Can Accurately Prove the Value and ROI of Training Programs

Providing the Return on Investment (ROI) from learning programs is a challenge for even the most seasoned learning professional because the calculation of ROI is easily disconnected from traditionally known learning results. This white paper provides a comprehensive, and yet very straight forward, means to produce credible learning ROI that is directly related to learning outcomes.

Create Measurable Training

There is a science to creating effective learning programs.  This white paper informs on how using the proper design process, the right metric, and an updated instructional design model, to produce measurable training that is scientifically backed to lead to business outcomes.

The Evolution of Metrics for Learning and Development

Metrics have always been used in business to understand the health of the organization. Learning professionals must understand learning metrics to align with their business stakeholders. This white paper clarifies where to find, and how to use, reliable, trustworthy and credible learning metrics to report on business outcomes due to learning programs.

The Keys to Success – Progressive Learning Impact

Identifying the true impact of Learning on an organization has been an elusive goal for both learning professionals and business leaders.  This white paper helps learning professionals understand the way learning impact progresses through an organization and shows the way to measure learning impact to highlight business outcomes.